Directions The following sentences are from the Abstract of an RA Put them in an appropriate order to form a well-organized Abstract Write down the sentence numbers in the appropriate order on the lin

4 - In the last decade, there has been a significant increase in the range of social media tools that have become available.
2 - This study adopts a post positivist (实证主义的) research approach and a quantitative research design that uses PLS-SEM.
5 - Despite reports of successful adoption in the higher education classroom, there have been relatively few empirical studies that have explored whether the use of blogs in teaching and learning leads to an increase in perceived learning by students.
1 - It was found that students do perceive higher degrees of learning from using blogs, but the recognised benefits of using blogs is influenced by the students’ attitudes towards the use of technology in teaching and learning, their perceived usefulness of blogs, and the extent to which they have used blogs previously.
3 - The findings have implications for both teachers and students, as they can be used as a framework to help ensure the successful use of pedagogic blogs.